I empower female entrepreneurs to skyrocket their business using unique & proven Social Media Strategy. 

My journey to becoming a Social Media Expert 

It all started with a Summer internship 
& $100 invoices.


Knowing nothing about Social Media Marketing for business, but determined to learn, I began Googling everything I could think of to build her business using Social Media Marketing (sound familiar?). I took my findings and successfully grew a following & community for her business.

After the internship was over, we continued to build the online brand. I began sending $100 invoices to manage 3 platforms *cue facepalm* and quite literally poured my heart & soul into this work. 


Branching out

In 2015, I was interning for a Mentor who had just started a new branch of her business. One day, while on the back porch of her home office, she handed me her cell phone and asked me to set up the social media accounts for this new biz. 

Day 1

Hey, I’m Emma

I felt like I had uncovered a gold mine - a gap in the market that few very businesses were offering.
I took that passion & ran with it.

5 years later and nearly 50 businesses impacted, Ninety Five Media looks a whole lot different today.

These days

You can find me working from my sofa with a cup of coffee (cue my New York accent) in hand, teaching women how to grow their business using strategic & personalized Social Media Strategy.

Always powered by either       
or Australian Sauvignon Blanc
(am/pm balance)


Currently living in                   where I love to find hole-in-the-wall bars and the best gluten free bakeries


I was that Girl Scout who                     
tried to sell the most cookies
(2006 was my year!)


The show I could binge watch everyday is           
 (I’m totally a Monica)


    Growing up I wanted to be a cashier. I ended up doing this in High School and it’s still one of the most           jobs I’ve had (social butterfly over here)


Things only my BFFs know:

I created Ninety Five Media to provide you with the tools you need at any level to grow your business online. You don’t need to Google all of the things about Social Media anymore -
 I’ve got you covered!

My no-fluff approach and cheerleader support will make sure that you are growing, building, and loving on your booming online business in no time.

Are you ready to jump in?


“My passion lies in helping
you build the empire
that you daydream of.”


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