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Behind the scenes, our hard-working team gets you the growth you deserve and jaw-dropping results through strategic frameworks and proven systems.

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Victoria G.

“I have done an $18,150.00 launch!
I collected $4,547 in first payments this week.”

Enjoy better work/life integration so you can focus on what you want when you want

Become a leading brand voice of authority in your industry

Experience exponential ROI

Achieve your goals

Gain momentum

Bottom line? We are geniuses at helping you increase your bottom line without wasting more of your valuable time.

We’re experts at scaling your brand organically, with NO money behind ads. 

Yes, You Can Scale Without Stress



Laura O.    //    Secret Garden Landscapes 

“I took a full 6 weeks off to be with my kids in the summer. Yet because Ninety Five Media took social media off my plate, I stayed top of mind and business kept coming in. I was able to go camping and golfing with my family while still booking out clients for when I returned to work.

I saw a 250% revenue growth, have been able to work with 3x more clients than I did the previous year, and I’ve brought on three new hires to help support this new influx of client work!”

Time freedom AND business acceleration 

Meet Emma // Digital Marketing Expert + Founder of Ninety Five Media. 


In 2015, I was interning at a design company that was expanding into a new branch of business.

My Mentor had just started using Instagram and wanted to use the platform to grow this new section of her brand.

Being the youngest person on her team, she pulled up Instagram, handed me her phone, and asked me to get to work spreading the word.

As I poured my heart and soul into learning about digital marketing, I couldn’t believe more people weren’t utilizing these platforms to grow their businesses!

I remember thinking, “THIS is clearly how you get in front of the people you want to sell to!”

Fast forward 9 years, 150+ businesses served, and a team of 7 later, we are more passionate than ever about helping YOU build your brand. It’s what we do.

Here’s how it happened (hint: not by accident):

“THIS is how you get in front of the people you want to sell to!”

Meet Our Founder + Hear Her Story

Over the last 9 years, Ninety Five Media has grown into a half a million-dollar company from the ground up.


Our passion is YOUR success.

We are your go-to, results-driven, WOMAN-run team. one thing THAT hasn’t changed from the beginning?

Grab your cup of coffee and meet your dream team


Emma Tessler is the Founder + CEO of Ninety Five Media, a female-run digital marketing agency that builds results-driven digital marketing strategies for scaling brands. She and her team help their clients connect with ideal clients, build community, and convert audience members into paying clients.

Emma attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and received her BFA in Interior Design. During her time at F.I.T. she was exposed to the world of digital marketing through an internship and fell in love with the industry. After working for several years as a Designer in NYC at an Interior Design Top 100 Giant firm, she left the industry in 2020 to grow Ninety Five Media.

Today, Emma brings her clients the unique perspective of A&D industry experience, mixed with expertise in the digital marketing world. With 7 years of marketing experience under her belt, she has big plans of disrupting the digital marketing space for years to come. When she’s not working, you can find her binging Friends, sipping on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or exploring her new city of Dallas.

Location: Dallas, TX

Founder + CEO


Paris attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY for her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Throughout her internships, Paris found a passion for social media marketing. She loved how she was able to personally connect with audiences to create an impact. 

Paris’ favorite part of being an Account Manager at Ninety Five Media is content creation as well as connecting with others on the team during meetings. She loves being on such a close-knit team that is an amazing support system for ideas. Paris currently resides in Houston, TX where she loves to explore different parts of the state, try new restaurants, and spend time with friends. A fun fact about Paris is that she’s a foodie! If you’re ever in the NYC or Houston areas, she’s your girl for food and drink recommendations. 

Location: HOUSTON, TX



A proud Shawnee State University alum, Carley got her start in marketing when she began working for a local gym in her college town, which is also where she got started doing CrossFit! Throughout college she was able to manage social media for 5 different small businesses and gained a significant amount of experience; a privilege she realizes and does not take for granted. Being able to connect with others through social media is undoubtedly her favorite role at Ninety Five Media! (Anyone else’s group chat funny memes only?!) 

During the week you can find her creating content at her favorite local coffee shop in Columbus, OH, and on the weekend you’ll find her hanging out with her family… probably with a Moscow Mule in hand. 

Location: COLUMBUS, OH

Account Manager


Jasmine is a dynamic digital media professional hailing straight from Dallas, Texas. Her academic background in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from the University of North Texas strongly influenced her decision to pursue a career in public relations and digital marketing. With several years of experience in social media management, influencer marketing, and branding, Jasmine has excelled in creating engaging content, developing effective digital marketing strategies, and achieving remarkable results for brands through innovative campaigns.

Jasmine's favorite part of working at Ninety Five Media is navigating diverse industries and using her expertise to craft tailored strategies that resonate with each unique audience. She excels at customizing marketing strategies to each client's individual needs and goals. When she’s not immersed in social media, you can catch Jasmine enjoying a leisurely weekend brunch with friends (mimosa tower included, obviously), participating in lively park workout sessions, and being the life of the party.

Location: DALLAS, TX



Mekenna, a seasoned content creator affiliated with Ninety Five Media, brings over 5 years of diverse social media experience spanning various industries such as fashion, fitness, interior design, and more. Graduating from Florida State University with a focus on marketing, management, and hospitality entrepreneurship, she discovered her passion for creativity and collaboration. Based in Dallas, Texas, Mekenna relishes the ever-changing nature of her role, adapting swiftly to the dynamic social media landscape. Known for her adaptability and creative thinking, she enjoys exploring new trends and confronting the challenges posed by fluctuating algorithms. Beyond her work, Mekenna cherishes traveling and indulging in the simple pleasures, often unwinding with a glass of champagne. Her vibrant and innovative approach beautifully contributes to Ninety Five Media’s content creation endeavors.

Location: DALLAS, TX

Account Manager


Hailing from way out west, Kassi is a graduate of Northern Arizona University where she received degrees in Strategic Communications and Theatrical Design and Technology (because y’know – one just wasn’t enough). It was through these two pathways that she discovered her passion for digital media!

Known for being a dedicated multi-hypenate with jobs, Kassi searched for a way to marry her two loves, digital media and human connection, into job form. What emerged? Podcasting! At Ninety Five Media, she loves being able to help creators’ voices be heard in such a unique way. But, when she’s not editing, Kassi is probably off singing show tunes (off-key, but she does her best) or plotting her next escape to the beach — spicy margarita in hand!

Location: PHOENIX, AZ



As a seasoned digital marketing professional, Amber thrives on creating and executing comprehensive online strategies that encompass various marketing elements. With a keen eye for the bigger picture, she enjoys the branding side of online marketing, leveraging visuals to tell compelling stories. Her passion for travel fuels her inspiration and presents exciting challenges, allowing her to stay globally attuned and innovative in her approach. Amber has worked with multiple industries including luxury beauty, hospitality, food and drink, and more, gaining diverse insights and experiences along the way.

Location: DALLAS, TX



Isaac is a skilled podcast professional based out of Philadelphia, PA. With a diverse skill set in podcast production, management, editing, and audio engineering, Isaac brings a wealth of experience to his work. 

Isaac's journey into the world of audio storytelling began in a college radio class, where he discovered his passion for podcast production. He made the decision to leave his job in sales to pursue a career in podcasting, and since then has worked with high-profile clients from CEOs of major companies to professional athletes. With hundreds of episodes and thousands of listeners under his belt, Isaac is a seasoned expert in the field.

At Ninety Five Media, Isaac is an integral part of the team. As the lead podcast manager, he takes pride in creating, tracking, and delivering exceptional content to his clients. His love for the craft shines through in every project he works on.

When he's not busy with work, Isaac enjoys playing guitar and exploring the great outdoors with his wife and son.

Location: Philadelphia, PA



Willow Smith superfan and font connoisseur Sarah creates video content- mostly on tiktok- at Ninety Five Media. In fact, Sarah has made over 500 videos since she began working on our team, thanks in part to her background in film and 18 hour a day screen time. A self determined “Vibe Curator”, she keeps track of what’s cool and what’s cheugy. (Editors note: she has let us know that the word cheugy is now cheugy.)

When Sarah’s not figuring out how to get corporate business owners to dance for the internet (which takes up a lot of time, they really don’t want to dance), you can find her painting, reading scientific journals, and pretending to be mysterious in popular coffee shops.

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Content Creator


WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW — No pitching // No wasted hours // Just CONTENT THAT CONVERTS.⁠

The content we create for our clients so clearly demonstrates the value of their brand that others ASK THEM to feature them.⁠

At Ninety Five Media, expertly assisting your brand in
monetizing your online presence
is what we do best.

Our clients get APPROACHED by publications + influencers who want to work with their brand because of how obsessed they are with their content.⁠

We want your business to GROW, and we know how to make it happen! 

Go ahead and take a deep breath and get ready to watch the results you want effortlessly roll in without spreading yourself too thin.

From high-level strategy to unique hashtag curation, we do the work to get you entirely set up to WIN before your first piece of content ever drops.

Summary? We take care of everything for you. It’s white-glove service at its finest.

We've got you covered when you’re ready for stress-free, full-scope social media marketing.

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