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Victoria G.

“I closed $12k of new clients in the last 48 hours from ONE POST!!”

“I closed $12k of new clients in the last 48 hours from ONE POST!!”

Let’s do this

Our services are designed with you in mind because you deserve to remove all the stress surrounding your marketing so you can focus on your zone of genius and scale your business, all while having more time for yourself!


Results that speak for themselves {like email marketing open rates of 40-76% for our clients}

A dedicated Account Manager from our team of experts who genuinely cares about you and the success of your business

Attention to detail

Sophisticated service options

An elevated customer experience

Up-to-date market research + trends

When you envision this luxe social media marketing experience, imagine how it feels when you walk into Prada and you get your own personal shopping expert to anticipate your every need and exclusively style you.

Similarly, as you trust Ninety Five Media to meet your social media marketing needs, you get:

No, seriously. We LITERALLY take care of it all for you. We’re already experts in our field, so you don’t need to train us.

Our onboarding process is robust so once you’re onboarded, you’ll receive Weekly Analytics Reports, frequent Zoom call opportunities, and unlimited email access (more about this on our Ninety Five Method page).

This means some of our clients spend as little as 1-1.5 hours/month reviewing their analytics and speaking with us to discuss strategy. 

Summary? We take care of everything for you. 

When you’re ready for full-scope social media marketing, this is for you. We build out high-level strategies and unique campaigns to achieve and exceed your specific goals.

Customized packages include done-for-you services like content creation, caption copywriting, curating hashtags, scheduling content, engaging with your audience, weekly analytics reporting, and more. 

Specializing in: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Pinterest | TikTok

Social Media Management


Design Product Company

Their audience has grown by over 27,000 followers in just 12 months, as well asseen a significant increase in content interactions and post reach. Their highest performing posts in the history of the account happened over the course
of the 12 months we have worked with this brand.

On Pinterest, they have gained 330 Million Impressions, and reached an Audience of 40 Million over the past 12 months.

Millions of impressions AND thousands of new followers


Our done-with-you service offerings are as in demand as a Hermés Birkin bag

Our done-with-you offers are so supportive and helpful, that you may find yourself booking a consulting experience with us again and again!

Because once you implement the plan you get and start seeing success, you’ll probably want to check in with us more than once {much like how you probably enjoy having a new handbag each season} to take your business to the next level. Until you’re ready for our done-FOR-you services, that is. . .

Fair warning: 

Want high-ROI strategies but don’t need the implementation just yet? Looking for support to maximize what you are already working on? Want to know the best tools and practices to cut back on your day-to-day involvement with social media management?

Consulting packages include done-with-you services + strategy + training for your business. Imagine how supported you’ll feel when you have the 45+ years of combined marketing experience of our expert team focused on your offers.

During your session, expect a shift in your perspective about what’s possible for your business through the power of social media marketing.

Because you CAN do this! You simply desire a little help.

When you engage with us through one of our consulting packages, you get to ask Emma, our Founder + CEO, all your burning questions about topics like your launches, quarterly content creation, audience engagement, evergreen campaigns, and content that converts, etc.

You also get our personalized, professional feedback on your social channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Now is the time to elevate your brand’s online image to generate more sales. And although we may not be able to cover everything in a single strategy session or a 4 Month Mentorship– you’ll always get an easy-to-execute, results-driven, industry-specific plan in hand.

We’ve got you covered. 



Emma only accepts 1-2 clients at this level at a time. Apply to be considered for the mentorship below.

✓ 4 months of support from an entire team of digital marketing experts

✓ Weekly team Zoom calls

✓ Stay in communication through unlimited email support + content reviews

✓ Exclusive access to our entire Offer Suite

During your mentorship you get:

You deserve to keep bringing the BIG PICTURE vision for your organization. Allow Emma to take those brilliant ideas of yours and build out a successful strategy for you to achieve your business goals with the help of digital marketing.

From marketing to selling to offer creation– Emma’s got you covered!

Then a 4 Month Mentorship with our Founder + CEO is for you!

Are you a Visionary CEO who loves to connect, collaborate, and create?
You find so.much.joy in your client work! But struggle when it comes to doing your digital marketing. And mapping out a detailed plan or strategy makes you want to cringe. Or maybe you’re feeling stuck and stagnant lately. You’ve been desiring a mentor to guide you to your next level of success.

Exclusive 4 Month Mentorship

✓ 1:1 Zoom call with our Founder + CEO Emma

✓ Curated strategy + personalized plan for you to follow

✓ 1 week of email support following the call to guide you through implementation.

You get a:

A Strategy Intensive Call is for you if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to get a quick + compelling strategy for your brand’s marketing all while taking a “DIY” approach.

When you’re ready to chat with a Digital Marketing expert and get a detailed game plan for you and/or your team to implement, then this is for you!

This is our most accessible and flexible offer designed for you to see results quickly through your own implementation!

Strategy Intensive




We help scaling brands monetize their online presence with strategic Digital Marketing.