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You’ve been trying to wear all of the hats for so long, being the CEO & community manager. 

Answering DMs & pitching to investors. 

Creating content while trying to have a social life.



Are you constantly stressed & overwhelmed with Social Media?

Let us help you slay on social media.

Strategy Intensives


A 60 minute recorded Zoom call between you & Emma to create a custom Strategy that you or your team can easily implement. Have a big launch coming up & want to map it out? Need a content strategy for the next Quarter? Ready to release a new program but need help with how to feature it best on Social Media? An Intensive is perfect for you!


This is for you if you want to uplevel your Social Media game but you aren’t ready to invest in full Management. You need a detailed, strategic roadmap that you or an existing team member can implement.

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• 60 minute Zoom Call  
• 1 week of 1:1 Voxer Access
• Recorded Call Replay
• $497




Strategic Partnership

A Strategic Partnership will allow you to bring in a true Strategy Lead to your team. This 4 month container is designed to help you take your current digital marketing and turn it up a notch with a fresh set of eyes and strategies. As a Strategic Partner, strategy, planning, and marketing are my bread + butter. In this partnership, we’ll be working closely together to help you add strategy back into your business, plan with purpose, and implement with beautiful intention. 

This Partnership is for the Visionary CEO who loves to be creating, connecting with clients, and enjoying their successes. If this is you, you likely hate spending time doing the “business” things and the idea of building out a strategy makes you cringe. You’re the one coming up with the BIG ideas, but then you struggle to figure out how to market it, and what the strategy should be around selling this amazing new offer. What you’re missing is a Strategic Partner.


• 4 Month container
• Weekly team Zoom calls
• Daily Slack communication
• Exclusive access to our entire Offer Suite

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from our clients


How do I know that Ninety Five Media is the right partner for us?

I’m just starting out, which program would be best for me?

I’m so glad you asked!

When you work with Ninety Five Media, you’re working with an Agency of experts who are all incredible at what we do. You don’t just get one brain - you get many, who will collaborate to create a custom strategy, implement with passion, and provide you with the analytics to back our work.

What will my experience be like?

I’m making consistent $5k months, but my problem is I never have enough time to implement new ideas in my biz - should I still join the Mastermind?

This is my fave!

From day 1, your experience will be high touch & personal. We love to get to know our clients! We’ll ask questions beyond your business - because you’re important to us!
You will feel understood, heard, and valued when you work with Ninety Five Media.

You’ll be in a hand selected group of Management Clients. We limit the number of accounts we take on so that you are guaranteed our individual time & attention.

Your client experience will be premium at every touch point. You’ll receive surprise gifts (!), weekly analytics reports, and the weight of Social Media taken off your shoulders.

Take a deep breath - it’s all under control, we’ve got your Social taken care of.

This is what I’ve been looking for! What else do I need to know?

I spend so much time on discovery calls but can’t convert them to paying clients. Which program would be best for me?

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If only you could see me now - I’m doing a little happy dance for you!

Our Social Media Management packages are custom designed for each client. Tell us your needs & we’ll tell you how we can help. 

All inquiries will go through an application process to ensure that we are a match made in heaven.

If you’ve ever met me, you know that my bubbly personality can infuse life into any situation! 

I started Ninety Five Media 5 years ago
, handling an account & building an online business. 

Since then, I’ve managed over 20 Social Media accounts for our clients, building businesses online that our clients wished they had all along!

Let us help you slay on social media.

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