How To Downsell Potential Clients After Hearing “No”

We’ve all been there. What do you do now?⁣

⁣It’s all about the 👏🏼 downsell 👏🏼⁣

Right now, you’re going to use your Offer Suite to pick a package that’s smaller than what they wanted, but that fits their price range.⁣

Here’s a script of exactly what you can say:⁣

“I totally understand that [NAME OF ORIGINAL PACKAGE] is out of your budget right now. I have no doubt that you will be making more than enough to cover this in the near future!⁣

⁣In the meantime, please take a look at [NAME OF SMALLER PACKAGE], which I’ve attached to this email. This package is at a lower price point & full of value that will help you see results ASAP. 


⁣How does that sound?”⁣

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