Step into your CEO with Authority Building Content⁣

You’re amazing at what you do. You make an impact – and bring home the dough while you’re at it. You’re a leader in your space.⁣

…But no one knows that⁣

⁣Enter: Authority Building Content⁣.

⁣Establishing yourself as an authority in your niche is what will help you sell your packages and bring recurring income into your business. ⁣

⁣Why? Because we all need someone to look up to & help guide the way. It’s human nature. Your audience is craving someone to teach them about [your niche market] – that’s why they’re following you⁣

⁣Set yourself apart from the crowd & begin establishing your authority with these 3 plug & play post ideas⁣:

Post 1:

How my client went from [PAIN] to [PLEASURE]

This post will allow your Ideal Client to see social proof that you are able to help your clients transform their lives as a leader in your industry. This will build trust within them that they will see similar results if they also work with you.

Post 2: 

The #1 mistake I see [YOUR IDEAL CLIENT] doing

This post makes your Ideal Client “problem aware” so that they know what they are doing wrong. It will also let them know that you are the solution because you can see the issue & know how to help them correct it. This positions you as a leader.

Post 3:


This post will make your Ideal Client feel like you’re in their heads! They will feel that you understand them so well, that you are the only viable business to work with in order to achieve their desires because they will see quick wins from your tips.

⁣Which post are you going to create this week in order to build your Authority? Tag me in your post when they go live so I can support you!

PS – these posts are applicable to ANY industry and so are my 1:1 Intensives. If you’re feeling stuck on your content strategy and need help planning out your next month (or three!), book your Intensive here.

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