Why Your Website *Isn’t* A Marketing Strategy

Yes, you need a website

Yes, your clients will visit this to see if they want to work with you

Yes, this may influence their buying decisions

Yes, it your website is a necessary PART of your Marketing Strategy

But it is not the WHOLE thing. Here’s why – 

Your website is the most polished version of your brand. This is where you include all of your accolades, you give a paragraph about the founder’s journey, you list out all of your products for sale.

But this is only one path. This one stop along the way cannot function as your marketing strategy because your website can only do so much.

Your website cannot build community – your Lives & comments section can

Your website cannot answer questions in real time – DMs can

Your website cannot consistently remind your clients about your brand – your feed posts can

Your website cannot create human connection – your Stories can

Do you see a pattern?

Your website + Social Media presence = a robust & profitable Marketing Strategy

If you’re ready to implement a Marketing Strategy that begins to convert your online viewers into paying clients, apply for a VIP Day. Spots are limited & they’re going fast.

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