Why Your Instagram Posts Aren’t Being Seen By Your Audience

“My posts aren’t seen by my audience” is the #1 complaint I hear from clients before working with us.

The reason this is happening is because the algorithm thinks these people do not want to see your content. 

In contrast, the algorithm’s main goal is to keep its users on its platform longer with content they want to see.

So, the key here is to get them interacting with your posts + stories so that the algorithm begins to think they’re interested in your content – and they begin to see your content more frequently.

This is easier said than done though.

Here are 2 top tips to get your content seen by more of your audience:

  1. Instead of all of your Call to Actions on your posts being sales-based, shift to focusing on engagement-based CTAs. Examples: “Comment below if ___” or “Send us a DM for” 
  2. Begin using the interactive elements available in IG Stories. They’re there for a reason! The more your audience interacts with your stories, the most they will see your future stories. Polls are my favorite to use and see results with.


If you want to increase your story views, follow these few steps:

1. Let all of your IG Stories expire

2. Create a post to Stories and use a poll or question box. Ask a question that is easy and fun for your audience to engage with.

This engagement with the interactive element in your Stories will skyrocket your views and get more eyes on the rest of your Stories that day and week!

If you’ve been struggling to get your content seen, you aren’t alone! The algorithm is always changing.

This is why it’s so helpful to have a Strategic Partner on your team to keep you up to date on algorithm changes, new features, and forward-thinking marketing tactics. 

Bringing myself + team in on a VIP Day will do just that.

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