How To Attract New Customers As a Brick And Mortar Business

So you’re a local-based business but you’re struggling to get new local customers and clients. What can you do?

For brick and mortar businesses that rely heavily on local foot traffic, your Social Media presence is important but it’s not everything.

You need to be looking at your marketing with a wider lens to capture your local audience in multiple ways.

Beginning with your Social Media content, all of your posts should be geotagged. Posts that have a location tagged receive 79% more engagement!

Next, consider printed media. This includes local magazines, newspaper ads, mailers, etc. Your buyer needs to see your content 8-20 times before they buy – so start getting visible.

And finally, think about how you can capitalize on your existing customers. Can you build out a referral system? Ambassadors for your brand? Can you work with local micro influencers to spread the word?

Now is the time to get creative with your marketing!

The thing is, as a business owner, marketing probably isn’t your thing. You’ve likely tried all of the things by winging it for a while, but you’re ready to bring a true marketing partner into your business to help guide you from here.

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