Case Study: How To Make $12k on One Social Media Post

Working with the ambitious underdog is my specialty. Here’s a perfect example – 

One of my clients came to me in the beginning of 2020 as a solopreneur. She had just started her business a few months prior as her side hustle, and was making only a few thousand dollars a month.

She was working crazy hours at her full time job but would work late into the night to build her new business. 

She wanted to learn how to maximize her social media presence, build deeper trust with her audience, and generate sales that would allow her to leave her 9-5.

Within just a few months of working together, she had an $18,000 launch on a single offer.

A few weeks later, she made $12,000 off of a single Social Media post. 

She left her 9-5 the same month.

Today she’s thriving, working with dream clients, and creating content that continues to convert her audience into paying customers.

I’ve condensed my formula for helping clients achieve these kinds of results into a single, value-packed VIP Day.

During this 4 hour sprint + 1 month of support together, you’ll learn how to strategically grow your social media, elevate your brand’s online presence, and generate more sales.

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