Why You Should Engage With Your Audience Through Stories

Wait a sec, you’re not engaging with your audience through your stories?!

What if I told you you’re missing out on some SERIOUS business leads (and losing some SERIOUS money) because you’re not?

The topics you’re going to want to start covering on your stories are your packages + offers you have available. You can…

→ Start with text-based stories
→ Photos that you’ve taken when you felt
→ OR pre-record your videos to share

After you feel comfortable getting on camera and talking all things your business, start layering in some personal stories…

Taking your dog out for a walk this afternoon?
Show your audience

Had the most amazing brunch out with your girlfriends?
Bring your IG fam along

Snuggled in for the night at home to watch a movie?
Share it!

Guess what? That’s ALLLL content to share on your IG stories!

The more you post on your stories, the more conversations are going to be popping up in your DM’s because you’re building trust with your audience.

Your biz leads are going to start multiplying, which means more $$ for you in the long run

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