Why Planning Your Own Content Is Just As Important As Your Clients’

As a Social Media Manager, you’re probably planning so much content day in and day out that by the time it comes to planning your own content, you’re burnt out!

The thing is, your content planning is JUST as important (if not more!) than your clients.

Start approaching your content planning + creation in the same way.

🌟 Begin here:

Are you nurturing your audience / looking to grow / sign new clients?

Consider any launches you have for new services in the coming months & weave them into your content planning

Get crystal clear on who you are targeting for the next 1-3 months and do your market research first to know how to deeply to connect

Just like with your clients’ content, STRATEGY should be the backbone of all of your content planning

At Ninety Five Media, we outline our (+ our clients’) content in ClickUp first, then schedule finalized content out in Later.

That way all of our work is organized and can go through several revisions internally before it goes live!

If you’re a Social Media Manager who struggles with how to plan out your content (or your clients’!), we can work with you!

Check out our Coaching Page to see how we can help you achieve everything you’ve been wanting to in your Social Media Management business!