How To Confidently Raise Your Prices As A Service Provider

How to CONFIDENTLY raise your prices ⬇️

Chances are that if you’re fairly new the online service industry, you’ve under priced your services.

Trust me, I know the feeling of working countless hours and feeling totally burnt out only to hit a $2k month.

And when you finally get the courage to raise your prices, the idea of explaining this to a client makes you want to grab a big margarita instead

But there IS a way to raise your prices to match your worth and allow your clients to feel good about it too!

Here’s how to CHARGE YOUR WORTH:

Working hourly isn’t it. Get all of your clients on a retainer package rate so that they know what to expect on their invoice each month and pay you up front for your work

What new services can you include in your package to enhance your clients experience? (Ex: analytics reports, engagement, launch strategy, etc)

Have a conversation with current clients about your price increase and give them at least 1 month’s notice before the price increase goes into effect

We always want our clients to feel loved and have the best experience possible.

But when you’re undercharging, the way you show up reflects this. It’s the best scenario for everyone for you to charge your worth!

Have you ever raised your rates with a current client? How did it go? Leave a comment below or get in touch with me today!