Which Is More Important – Feed Or Stories?

Which is more important – FEED or STORIES?⁠

With so many features now available, honing in on what will actually convert your audience to paying clients can be tricky⁠

Reels, Feed, Stories…sometimes it feels like the hustle of sharing content never stops.⁠

But what it really comes down to is:⁠
① What are your goals?⁠
② Where can you be consistent?⁠

The truth is that your consistency is what will have the highest ROI for you – but playing nicely with the algorithm never hurt either 😉⁠

Here’s the breakdown:⁠

Frequency: Daily⁠
Results: Sales in your DMs⁠
Why: Your stories will directly correlate to DM conversations, which is where you will close the sale. Stories also help you build personal connection w your audience!⁠

Frequency: 3-5x weekly⁠
Results: Authority + Value⁠
Why: This evergreen content will confirm that you are the authority in your space for a potential client. They will also be able to binge your content + walk away w value⁠

The magic formula I suggest:⁠
Get on Stories daily + post to your feed 3-5x per week⁠

This way, you’re hitting your audience wherever they are and building trust along the way!⁠

Where could you be more consistent with your content? Tell me in the comments below, or chat me up here!