How To Build Authority With Your Target Audience

Building authority is your key to a dedicated audience

⁠👀 We ALL have that specific person in the online space that has us obsessed with their content

You’re HOOKED the minute they tell you about it because they have built so much authority with their social community⁠

It’s the 2021 version of influencer content⁠

Because the reality is that YOU have the ability to be a micro influencer to everyone in your audience⁠

🤔 So how to do you actually do this??⁠

Through your content.

Showing up on IG stories daily will be the #1 way to begin converting your audience into paying clients. These Stories directly create DM conversations + the money is in the DMs⁠

Get mega clear on who your ideal client is + what their pain vs pleasure points are. Where do they want to go, what’s holding them back + how will you help them get there?

Consistently create content that exemplifies how you serve your clients currently + how that might be applied to a dream client following you⁠

⁠Ready to get started building authority through your content?⁠

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