How I Started Ninety Five Media

I started this business from my college dorm room + never expected it to become my career⁠.

Can I be honest with you?⁠
From the outside it always looks easier than it truly is.⁠

Personally, I love reading about entrepreneurs stories that involve multiple jobs, insane hours, and a a lot of passion. Because that’s the real deal + it’s interesting as fuck.⁠

When it comes to my story, it was no different⁠.

When I was first handed my mentor’s iPhone at a summer internship in 2015, and asked to build out her Social Media presence for her business, I had 0 idea what I was doing. ⁠

Even at a time when very few businesses were using Social Media for biz marketing, I could see it was the future. I looked around and said “why is EVERYONE not doing this?⁠

That 1 internship changed my life. ⁠

⁠I went back to FIT that fall and continued to build this brands online presence from my dorm room.⁠

It was a far stretch from my major of Interior Design. And when I was offered my dream job in Design before graduating, I took it.⁠

My tiny Digital Marketing Brand (ECT Designs at the time) was a side hustle. But once out of college, I began to intentionally grow it.⁠

Every evening and weekend, I would come home from my 9-5 and get to work. I could feel the momentum building in this industry and I wanted to be a part of it more than anything.⁠

But it wasn’t glamorous. It looked like working 90 hr weeks. It looked like staying in all weekend to do client work. It looked like facing the dreaded online scrutiny and blocking people who weren’t supportive.⁠

After 4 years, 2020 hit. And it changed this digital marketing space entirely. Now, brands were forced to explore digital marketing because they had no other choice. ⁠

And I was loving it. I knew if I didn’t go all in on this business now, I never would.⁠

So, I left my dream Interior Design job and went all in at Ninety Five Media. This is still the best decision I’ve ever made.⁠

Running this business has never looked like what I thought it would. It’s still long days and a lot of work. ⁠

But truthfully, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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