How A Social Media Manager Can Strengthen Your Brand Voice

How could a Social Media Manager – essentially a stranger to my brand – be able to capture our brand voice in our content?

If you’ve ever considered hiring a Social Media Manager to outsource your marketing, you’ve probably wondered this exact question⁠.

But the real questions you need to be asking yourself are:⁠

✖️ What is it costing to NOT outsource our marketing?⁠
✖️ How can I give this to someone who can do it better than me?⁠
✖️ Do we have a defined brand voice?⁠

Because the reality is that you built your brand to solve a problem you saw.

You wanted to create solutions⁠.

But instead, you’re facing a major issue – you didn’t build your brand to be your own marketing team.⁠

One of our new clients recently came to us with the same problem⁠.

She loved what she had built but was worried about outsourcing her marketing out of fear that her brand voice would become inauthentic⁠.

Her nerves were quickly calmed with our strategy call and on-boarding process that ensured we captured her unique brand voice through questionnaires, analytics, and in-depth convos about her brand vision⁠.

Today, her account is reaching more ideal clients than ever and she is thrilled with how little work she has to do to market her new offers⁠.

We are so deep into her biz and goals that her brand’s voice is ringing more authentic than ever with our help + collaboration⁠.

This is possible for you too⁠.

You don’t have to do it all alone to see great results⁠.

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