Holiday Marketing Starts NOW

Now is the time to start your Holiday marketing plan⁠

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to get your offers and specials in line for this time of year!⁠

Whether you’re a product based business or service provider, there are so many ways to create special offers for your audience during this time⁠

It’s all about creating unique offers (limited time) and working backwards with your marketing⁠

These are the Holidays you should start thinking about:⁠

  • Black Friday⁠
  • Christmas/December Holidays⁠
  • New Years⁠

Take this plug & play plan and adjust as needed:⁠

Look at this as a week long event. Run a different promo each day of the week to keep things spicy and have your blow out sale Black Friday-Cyber Monday⁠

Approach gifting from a unique angle and encourage your audience to gift themselves rather than a friend. Run a % off sale⁠

Launch a new offer that is all about self/business development. This is a great time of year to get new clients signed up, we are all looking for change⁠

How are you planning to market your offers on Social Media this holiday season? ⁠

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