How To Start Intentionally Consuming Content

*Intentional Content Consumption* – what is it?⁠

⁠We are all in content overload daily, over-consuming content and rarely walking away feeling accomplished⁠

You may be in heads down creation mode but when it comes to consumption, it’s rarely something you intentionally carve out time for.⁠

But what if you changed that?⁠

What if you got intentional with your content consumption – just like you do with your diet – and looked at it differently?⁠

There is so much FREE value + information on these little apps that you are letting slip through your fingertips because you’re not intentionally consuming content⁠.

⁠Instead, TRY THIS:⁠

→ Set aside 2 hrs/week ⁠
→ Look for tangible tips you can implement that would help move the needle for you⁠
→ Take notes⁠
→ Set goals + check ins with yourself ⁠

This helps you practice self-accountability + growth as you learn and implement to see results⁠

It may even help you begin to identify some potential hires as you realize how much value certain accounts are offering ⁠

How you tried Intentional Content Consumption?