Feed or Stories? How To Decide

Does that pic belong on your Feed or in Stories? Let’s break it down⁠!

When it comes to content creation, there’s a time + place for everything. ⁠

Typically, the more content you can produce – the better⁠

⭐️ But that only holds true if you know where to post it⁠

The reality is that we are all looking for a different experience when we:⁠

✖️ Scroll IG⁠
✖️ Watch IG Stories⁠
✖️ Go onto the FYP on TikTok⁠
✖️ Open LinkedIn⁠
✖️ Check FB Group notifications⁠

With that in mind, here’s how to determine WHAT to post WHERE:⁠

Curated, evergreen content. Keep it polished but attainable⁠

Get raw + real here. Show exclusive content and be authentically you – whatever that looks like⁠

Jump on relevant trends and make them your own. Your unique personality should shine through⁠

Keep it professional but throw in a personal story to stand out and build personal connections⁠

Post content that is relevant to the audience and allows you to be recognized as a polished leader⁠

Knowing HOW to show up is what holds most of us back from getting started. ⁠

So, jump in and get posting!