What I Wish I Had Known When I Started My Company

⁠⁠At 20 years old, I unknowingly started what would eventually become Ninety Five Media ⁠⁠
(and we’re still just getting started)⁠⁠
In 2015, I picked up my phone, created a business IG account for my Mentor, and got to work on her digital marketing⁠⁠.
This first foray into marketing, the trial + error, the evolution of the media landscape; they have all culminated into our brand today.⁠⁠
But there’s a lot I wish I knew along the way that would have made it easier⁠⁠.

⁠⁠I know someone else needs this today too – ⁠⁠so here goes:
Hearing More “No’s” Is A Good Thing
Most people are uncomfortable with the word “no”. As an entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable with it asap. Listen, move on, + figure out how to turn the no’s into yes’s⁠⁠
Put On Your Blinders
The people who talk behind your back aren’t important. Put on your blinders, block them, and work daily to hit your goals. (this made the #1 difference for me)⁠⁠
Start Investing Your Time
Investing will always be scary – it doesn’t get easier as you make more. Start with investing in your time + watch as you 3x your ROI⁠⁠

⁠⁠There’s no 1 secret to growing your business. It comes down to showing up every single day + putting in the work. ⁠⁠
That alone, will set you apart.⁠⁠
What do you wish you knew when you were first starting?⁠⁠

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