How To Craft A Post That Strategically Resonates With Your Audience

THIS is how you craft a post that strategically resonates with your audience 👇⁠

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve simply run out of content ideas, you’re not alone⁠

But there are always new ideas – and the best ones are going to be right in front of you 👀 ⁠

Let me explain – ⁠

Your audience and your clients are the best place to source your next viral post⁠

Rather than starting from scratch every time you sit down to write a post, pull from your recent experiences to guide you⁠

THIS is the type of content that will truly resonate with your audience (because it came directly from them!)⁠


✖️ DM Conversations⁠
✖️ Questions you receive in comments⁠
✖️ Problems you are helping your clients solve⁠
✖️ Mistakes you see others in your niche making⁠

So the next time you come across one of these topics, jot it down in your Notes App to create your next post from!

Tell me – where are you finding your next great post idea?