Does Showing Up Online Really Affect Your Success?

When you’re constantly creating content, but not seeing results, it can be incredibly frustrating.

🌪 It can feel like you’re in a tornado of creation, only to be met with crickets⁠.

You may even have started to blame the algorithm or the fact that your graphics just aren’t up to par.⁠

Forget all of that.⁠

⁠Focus on doing this one thing and your content will drastically change – ⁠


(yes, that’s it)⁠

Now you might be saying to yourself, Emma, this is always what I do. I don’t know HOW to be someone else (even though I may try at times)⁠.

And I hear you.⁠

But the thing is that we have all fallen victim to copy cat syndrome. ⁠

You unconsciously consume SO much content everyday that you begin to regurgitate similar content without even realizing it.⁠

It’s time to stop that. ⁠

Here’s why👇 ⁠

💣 The reason that TikTok has grown in popularity so quickly is because of the authenticity and uniqueness that every content creator brings to the table.⁠

Sure there are trends – and these are absolutely things you should hop on – but the difference between TikTok and Instagram right now is that on Instagram, we’ve seen it ALL.⁠

🤩 On TikTok, it feels fresh and new.⁠

SO – what if you brought that TikTok energy to Instagram? Or Clubhouse? Or YouTube? ⁠

⭐️ Wherever you create content, I want you to start showing up as 110% authentically yourself.⁠

This uniqueness that has always lived inside of you, is exactly why your dream clients will buy from you.⁠

Stop unconsciously consuming content every day and start creating more content that feels like YOU.⁠

📝 Report back the difference in 30 days.

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