Why Organic Media Will Always Be Better Than Paid Media

⚠️ Most scaling brands are utilizing Paid Media completely wrong ⁠

When you’re trying to create brand awareness, it’s natural to want to throw money at posts to make your messaging “stick” ⁠

Paid media looks bright and shiny – like it will solve all of your problems, fast.⁠

✖️Don’t do it✖️⁠

⁠⭐️ Start with Organic Marketing first⁠

Although slower, the time you put into your Organic media will pay off for you in the long run⁠

Your Organic efforts will help you:⁠
✔️ Ensure you have a viable offer⁠
✔️ Build an authentic community⁠
✔️ Create trust with your audience so they can sell for you⁠

When you skip this step and dive head first into paid media, you’re focusing on the numbers, not the people⁠.

⁠The future of the Creator Economy is to focus on your audience above all else. ⁠

❓ How do you offer them value? ⁠
❓ How do you nurture them? ⁠
❓ How are your building connection?⁠

👆🏼 these are all questions you need to ask and have concrete, tested answers to before ever dipping your toes into paid media⁠

Only after you have tested your offer and built trust with your community, should you explore paid media with extreme intention⁠

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