Why Your CEO Journey Is Just As Important To Your Brand As What You’re Selling

When I quit my job, I threw out half of my wardrobe⁠.

The crisp work pants, ballet flats, button up shirts⁠ – none of it felt like me anymore⁠.

All of these clothes I had spent years buying (The LOFT was my go-to) to fill a box I was supposed to fit in, started to feel claustrophobic ⁠

Clothes are meant to represent who we are, but instead, they had started to feel like I was representing someone else’s image of me⁠

So I got rid of them all. It was cleansing and terrifying at the same time⁠.

⁠When the version of who you think you’re supposed to be is thrown away, what you’re left with can be scary⁠

I think every entrepreneur has felt this confusion, excitement, and creeping doubt ⁠

But at the end of the day, the most freeing part of running your own business is that you get to show up as authentically you⁠

Possibly for the first time⁠ – or the first time in a long time⁠. And what we often forget when we’re on this journey is to share it⁠!

Your journey as the CEO is just as integral to your brand as your service or offer⁠.

The future of marketing your brand is sharing your brand story. And as the founder, your personal journey is included⁠.

If you’re feeling as though your brand is struggling to build connection + trust (which directly convert) with your audience, begin focusing on sharing your journey⁠.

While it can feel scary and exposing, your story is as important to your brand as your offer⁠

What’s one part of your journey you haven’t yet shared? I challenge you to hit “post” on just that, today!

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