Why Winging It With Your Content Is A Bad Idea

Winging your content feels fun at first, but you’re really just hurting your brand 😳⁠

What happens is that you actually spend MORE time creating content, and see LESS conversion⁠

When you’re winging your content, you’re most likely creating based on emotion⁠

But when we create based out of emotion, the content often becomes about US rather than the READER⁠

🙅🏻‍♀️Big mistake⁠

In order to keep your content reader-centric, we need to take our emotions out of the content itself ✅⁠

We need to focus on answering “how can I make this of value to the reader [based on my experience]?⁠

So instead of creating in the moment, jot down your ideas in a note on your phone!📝⁠

Begin curating this list so that 1x per month, you can sit down and batch out all of this content, AFTER you have worked through the emotion attached to them⁠

😍 This will begin to allow you to create more easily AND help your audience feel seen, as well as walk away from your content having gained more value.⁠

Have you tried this method? ⁠
I’d love to know how you curate your content ideas below!

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