How to Warm Your Audience With Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the best place to talk about your offer/ services in order to create genuine connection with your audience. There is SO MUCH you can talk about in your stories! But today, I’m letting you in on the 4 kinds of Stories you should be making every week to warm your audience to the sale.

⁣⁣These 4 tactics will get your audience spicy hot & ready for your next offer:⁣⁣

⁣⁣1.  Show the behind the scenes of your work. This will help your audience envision themselves working with you & validate your rates ⁣⁣

2️. Tease your offers as you’re creating them. Talk about them constantly as you lead up to your launch so that your audience is on the edge of their seat⁣⁣

3️. Teach on Stories to build your expertise & authority in your space. This will make your sales process so much easier because your audience will already know that you know your shit

4️. Call out your ideal client on exactly what they’re doing wrong. Make them problem aware so that you can slide is as the solution⁣⁣

Are you feeling like you need some support with how to start creating these kinds of Stories?

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