How To Use The Link Sticker With Intention

So you FINALLY have the link sticker on stories – now what do you do with it??⁠

I know you’ve waited SO long for this 😍

In a matter of weeks, we’ve gone from strategically working towards hitting 10k followers just for the coveted swipe-up feature, to everyone getting the link sticker!⁠

But now that you have it, my biggest piece of advice is to use it with INTENTION 🤓

It can be so tempting to put a link in every one of your stories, but that’s not necessarily going to convert to more sales or more followers 🙅‍♀️

Here are my top 3️⃣ tips for using the link sticker to your advantage:⁠

1. Make your pitch in 4 story slides (or less) and ONLY link in the first + last slides⁠

2. White label your links to clean them up (via the backend of your website or through a 3rd party like⁠

3. SHOW the link – don’t cover it up with a sticker! You need to retrain your audience to click rather than swiping up, and a sticker confuses the eye⁠

But more than anything, congrats!!

This is a huge opportunity to begin to really monetize your Instagram profile 🙌

Tell me in the comments – have you started using the sticker feature yet? ⁠

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