How COVID Has Changed The Online Business Space

Have you seen the HUGE shift that’s been happening in the online entrepreneur space? ⁠

If you haven’t, we need to talk about it 👀⁠

⁠When COVID-19 hit, it changed how we all approached our jobs. Everyone was trapped inside of their homes for months on end, which meant many people leaving 9-5 positions and becoming Online Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship looks super shiny on the outside. No desk job in a boring office? Being able to work any time and from anywhere in the world? Sign me up!⁠

But what you don’t realize until you’re in it is that the layers below aren’t nearly as shiny as what you originally saw. This can get really fucking hard. You’re never really “off the clock,” and there’s constant hurdles to overcome for your brand to be successful. The thing is, it is absolutely worth it if this is your passion – but for many who started on a whim, they’re now realizing its not.⁠

Over a year later, a lot of these same people are leaving this space. They’re realizing that this simply isn’t the path they want to pursue anymore. And it’s beautiful to recognize this now.⁠

Another trend we’re seeing is Instagram coaches moving from the coaching space BACK to done-for-you services. ⁠

Remember when we were all told in 2019 that in order to own a 6-figure business, you had to become some type of coach?⁠

It’s interesting to see the people that were so vocal about this moving in a different direction.

Both of these business trends tell us 1 major thing – despite what’s happening in the world around us, or with biz trends – we should put our energy into what we’re truly passionate about pursuing⁠

If that’s not Entrepreneurship, explore going back to your 9-5. If that’s not Coaching, consider DFY services. How has your business changed this year?

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