The Future Of Digital Marketing

4 Marketing Trends you need to be using today
Over the past month, we’ve been taking stock of what types of content are bringing in positive numbers for our clients, along with trends that have been successful according to analytics.
Save this for later so you can hop on these Marketing Trends that are putting brands (like yours) on the map 👇

🎬 Short Form Video
Using Instagram Reels has been a no brainer for getting your biz in front of new faces over the past few months. With Facebook Reels being rolled out, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Jump on it now and see your numbers skyrocket

🤳 The Creator Economy
Content Creators are the future of Digital Marketing. We have seen time and time again that one person’s content can influence thousands of people. This makes your relationship with your audience that much more important – so make sure to nurture it rather than always being focused on increasing your follower count!

🎠 Carousel Posts are still alive
Because these posts include several slides, this type of content holds your audience’s attention for longer – often resulting in successful numbers. Instagram also favors users that use this feature, so make your Carousels short, sweet, and full of value for your audience!

👔 Stop sleeping on Linkedin
So many brands aren’t harnessing the power of this B2B platform right now and it’s a missed opportunity. Personal connections are key in any type of business – so stay consistent and expect slow, gradual growth on this platform

Which of these Marketing Trends do you plan on implementing in your strategy? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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