What To Do When You’re Ready to Outsource Content Creation

If you’re knee deep in content creation for your brand, it needs to stop today ❌⁠

When you build your brand’s online presence from the ground up, it can be hard to relinquish control of the content planning process⁠

But as your brand starts to scale, it’s imperative that you hand off this piece of your Digital Marketing to a team that focuses solely on this and can maximize your growth each week – while you focus on being a badass business owner!⁠

When you’re ready to outsource, remember these 3 steps…⁠

Where do you see your brand in the next year? ⁠
What steps will it take to get you there through your Marketing Efforts? ⁠
Think about how you can maximize the most out of this hire BEFORE the search for an expert even begins⁠

Be honest with yourself about which parts of content creation you’re passionate about + enjoy, and which parts you don’t care for. The parts you don’t like (ex: copy, hashtag research, engagement, etc.) will be the pieces that should be taken care of by your hire – and you’ll get the chance to own the areas you excel in⁠

In the midst of your hiring process, look for candidates that are experts in the areas of content creation you are wanting to outsource. Don’t hire a VA when you really need a Social Media Manager and expect them to be able to do everything you need. Make the most out of your investment with the right hire.⁠

Our content creation process is streamlined, customized, and personal to every scaling brand we work with. Apply to work with us here!

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