Why I Will Never Use My College Degree Again

I used my college degree for four years, but I’ll probably never use it again.

Here’s why –

I went to school for interior design and thought that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But while I was in school, I got an internship working at a small interior design firm. The firm’s owner asked me to grow their Instagram following and well, I fell in love with social media marketing.


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When I realized I’d rather do marketing than interior design, I was still in school for design. I knew I wasn’t as passionate about my major anymore, but felt like I needed to finish my degree. And then…I landed my DREAM job in design that I had been gunning for before I even graduated.

So I took the job – only to realize it wasn’t my dream anymore. It was SO hard to realize this when I was working so hard to land this position – so I stuck it out for awhile. I spent four years at that company, using my degree, but never gave up on my passion for marketing.

Not long after I took this job, I decided to start a side hustle as a social media manager. I was working 90 hour weeks for years – after my 9-5, I’d go home and spend all my evenings, and my weekends, nose to the grind building what would become Ninety Five Media today.

I hustled harder than anyone really should, but it all felt worth it – because I knew that I was working on building the foundation to achieve my new dream.

So after four years at my “dream” job,

I finally took the leap and quit my job, mid-pandemic.

Quitting was the scariest thing I ever did, because I had no idea if I would be able to continue paying my team, much less myself (at the time, I was barely able to pay myself anything at all).

But leaps of faith are the key, because when you jump, you’re left with no other option than to attempt to fly.

That was two years ago –

and the past two years have been the best yet.

We’ve scaled our company to a team of nine, and we’ve signed the most EPIC clients along the way to help them grow their brand through social media and email marketing.

So if you’re sitting on a degree that makes you think “I feel like I should be using this, but it’s just not my passion anymore”, take the leap! It will likely be one of the hardest things you ever do, but it will also be so worth it.

Our interests and passions are naturally going to change over the course of our lives, and you shouldn’t be stuck with a decision you made at 18. After all, you’ve grown so much as a person since then!

And if you’re a social media manager (or aspiring one) who’s looking to take a similar journey to mine, I put everything I learned along the way into a course created just for you. It’s called Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling, and it’s for social media managers who want to quit their full time job, scale their income and work for themselves. Our graduates have had the most INSANE results, and I want you to see those results too! Sign up for the course now here.

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