Why Onboarding For New Clients is SO Important (And What Ours Looks Like)

When I first started as a social media manager, I had no idea how important the onboarding process was after you sign a new client.

Everyone makes it seem like signing a new client is the ultimate goal (and it IS certainly something to celebrate) but really, it’s just the starting point.

I didn’t realize how important it was to create a standardized and effective onboarding process – until I started paying attention to how much work I was putting in to putting together the same contracts, forms, meetings etc. with each new client over and over again.

So, I created and *perfected* an epic onboarding process that every new client who works with Ninety Five Media goes through today.

Let’s take a little tour:

Our onboarding process occurs during the first two weeks a new client is working with us. There are several questionnaires and forms that we have our clients fill out that set our team up for success and make sure they know what’s coming. Because if we don’t have a full view of our clients’ brand and vision, we won’t know how to optimize their marketing.

A very important part of our process is our Onboarding Welcome Packet.

This document introduces who we are, our mission, vision, and the types of clients we work with. It also breaks down the Ninety Five Media Method (our tried & true method for social media marketing), our team, and sets expectations for clients to know what’s coming over the course of our time together.

But what our clients love more than anything are two detailed workflows included in this document:

  1. An overview of our onboarding process (broken down into steps)
  2. A visual representation of our weekly workflow that we will implement onto their social media platforms

Example of our Weekly Workflow Diagram

These pages are super visual and detailed with information – because there’s nothing worse than working with a new partner and feeling in the dark about what’s to come. Preparation is key to success on both ends of the spectrum – for us and our clients! Our goal is always to be as transparent as possible with our clients and make sure they fully understand what our services entail by the time that we get started.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that prioritizes your brand voice and business goals, head here to learn how you can work with us. And if you’re looking for more helpful tips, head over to our TikTok and be sure to hit Follow to stay up to date.

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