Let’s Talk About The Future of the Social Media Management Space

Let’s talk about your social media manager’s future –

Every brand that’s working with a social media manager today is getting away with paying them a few grand a month to do the work of an entire marketing team.

And while your social media manager is probably “young” and between the ages of 20-29, what you may not be realizing is that your future CMO is actually a social media manager today.

It is the Gen Zs and Millennials leading the social media management industry right now who will be holding the CMO positions 5-10 years from now – if they haven’t already (because yes, I have met 23 year old CMOs at start-ups).

As the social media management industry continues to evolve,

listening to these people on your team is going to help you get ahead so much faster – because they know what they’re doing, and one day they’ll be in that C-suite position.

Rather than treating your social media manager like they’re replaceable, or just an intern, or only deserve the equivalent of a part-time salary, it’s time to recognize them for the expertise they bring to the table. Approaching them the way you would be approaching your CMO will take you a long way – because while they may still be young, they are leading your brand’s voice and trajectory on social media, and keeping you relevant in the ever-changing online space.

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