Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Why I hired a VA early on, and why you may want to as well

Over the past 8 years of entrepreneurship, I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way⁠ – bumps in the road that once I have gotten past them, I’ve looked back and thought, shoot, I wish I had known better.

But my greatest lessons have always come from our team.

When I was first building Ninety Five Media as a side hustle, my very first investment was to hire a virtual assistant to do some of the day to day work I couldn’t do while I was at my corporate job⁠. I could barely afford it, but I knew that if I didn’t, I’d have to choose one or the other, and I wasn’t willing to do that either.

This investment felt HUGE at the time since I wasn’t even paying myself yet. ⁠It also felt crazy to have someone working for me when I had always been the employee – it’s not an easy switch to go from doing the work to dolling out tasks as the employer.

However, this small investment in the very beginning of 95 Media’s creation taught me that you CANNOT do it alone. And it also helped me grow our team to 8 – and we are still growing.

As business owners, we want to keep everything close to the chest. This brand is your baby – and I know you want your hand in all of the pots as they’re cooking.

But from working with hundreds of business owners struggling to get their revenue off the ground and bring in more business, the common thread I have seen is that they have failed to hire until they literally HAVE TO, in order to keep their business from sinking.⁠

Don’t let that be you.

If I could tell you one lesson I have learned, it’s to hire before you’re ready. ⁠

Not only will it help you grow, but it will also allow you to develop your leadership skills to become a great boss before you’re in the full swing of things. The result? your business will grow effortlessly from there.

It’s only an added bonus that your team becomes invested in the growth and success of the brand you started on your own, from the floor of your dorm room, at 20 years old 😭

For more lessons I’ve learned along the way, listen to our recent podcast episode “10 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur.”

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