Why We Started a Podcast (And You Should Too)

I’ll be honest – podcasting is nothing like I thought it would be.

We just wrapped Season 2 and with 24 episodes under our belt, I am already blown out of the water with the results.

Adding this medium of content to our our brand has allowed me to show up and provide long form valuable content to our entire audience – content that we otherwise reserve only for paying clients and mentees. Removing this paywall has allowed our audience to receive the support they need before they’re ready to invest 4 figures into their business.

Not only have we been able to discuss topics that our audience has been dying to hear more about, but we’ve done so with the help of experts across multiple industries that intersect with social media for business. Their insights have been invaluable to our audience – something that we have heard time and again through reviews, comments and DMs.

All the while, it’s been an incredible tool for myself as well. This podcast has opened the door to opportunities to collaborate with other business owners, have deep + meaningful conversations, and build new friendships.

When we first launched the Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling Podcast in July 2022, I looked at it as another way to provide value to our audience and maybe sign a client or two. But it’s turned into SO MUCH more, and given back so much more than what we’ve put into it.

So if you’ve been playing around with the idea to start a podcast, I would overwhelmingly encourage you to do so. I’ll leave you with these thoughts to mull over:

  1. Creating a podcast establishes you as an authority figure in your online space, allowing you to share more resources with your audience and for them to see you as someone who truly knows what they’re talking about

2. Through inviting guests onto your podcast and being a guest on others’, podcasting helps you get in front of new audiences and increase your brand reach

3. Through voice + video recording your podcast, you are creating a TON of new content with minimal effort. This extra content can take the pressure off for those who don’t know where to start with video content, or who are burnt out from constantly creating. Put this content to use later on when you don’t know what to post!

If you’re now convinced that a podcast is right for you, stay tuned! We will be launching a new special offer very soon!

And with that, let’s take a look back at Season 2:

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