Client Success Story – Luxury Plumbing Fixture Company

After just five months working with this luxury plumbing fixture company, they have seen insane results. From Instagram to Facebook and beyond, read on to find out how we revamped their social media strategy and increased their reach across all platforms.

Where We Started

When we began our work with this client in August 2022, their team had dipped their toes into Social Media Marketing but wasn’t seeing the results they desired. It was overwhelming and time consuming – they knew they could be seeing better results if they worked with a strategic team.

Through the work they had already put in, they had built a solid audience based on Instagram, which we were asked to drive towards showroom visits that would lead to more sales. By utilizing both paid and organic marketing, we were tasked with targeting a local audience interested in this brand’s luxury products.

Another challenge we were given was to receive + post more User Generated Content, as we saw that was performing best for the brand. This was a challenge to receive in the past, therefore we worked with the client to create a system that allowed us to receive and repost more UGC for the brand.

The Numbers – August 2022

  • Total of 7,712 followers across all platforms
  • Posting 1x each week, not active on IG Stories
  • Lack of video content
  • Not tapping into engagement with target audience
  • Opportunity to share more about industry and brand events

Five Months Later

By the end of January 2023, this client’s social media accounts were steadily bringing in new eyes to the brand. Before working with us, their top post reached 18.1k accounts on Instagram. After just five months, the top post we’ve created for them has reached 32k accounts on Facebook; a 56% growth in reach from just one post.

This number is important because getting in front of more target audience members was a main focus for this client. By increasing their reach, they were able to target more potential clients that will purchase from their brand.

The Numbers – January 2023

  • Total of 8,359 followers across all platforms
  • Three relevant, active social media platforms
  • 5x the amount of content posted each week
  • We have doubled the brand’s Content Reach on Instagram alone
  • +34.1% growth in Facebook reach
  • 33k organic Reels plays on Instagram
  • 3k link clicks from implementing paid ads
  • Posting video content 2x each week, which has exponentially increased brand exposure
  • Unique campaign ideas rotated throughout the week, including featuring more about the brand + team

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