Client Success Story – Bachelorette Party Merchandise Company

If you have been wondering what working with a social media manager could actually do for you and your brand, we get it.

Investing in a social media manager can be a big investment – and you want to make sure you’ll see a significant ROI from it. That’s why we LOVE putting together case studies like this one and sharing them with you.

Read on to find out how we have worked with this client, and get an idea of exactly how we can completely transform your brand’s social media presence and sales.

Where We Started

When we began our work with this client in May 2022, their founder had already built a fantastic audience base that we were asked to build upon and further monetize. They knew they wanted to scale their brand with additional, strategic content, which is why we were brought on.

The brand faced challenges around posting content outside of direct product promo and was in need of additional content buckets to rotate through in order to build deeper connection with their target market. We took a strategic approach and aimed to speak to the experience of planning, executing, and enjoying a bachelorette trip with your friends over all else.

This strategic angle allowed us to tap into different content types, receive and repost more UGC, as well as begin linking directly to different products and offers the brand sells in our content. This has all resulted in fantastic results over the past 9 months.

The Numbers – May 2022

  • Total of 55,857 followers across all platforms
  • Inconsistent video content posts
  • CEO handling all social media marketing on their own
  • Lack of creative + strategic ideas
  • Opportunity for further monetization
  • Opportunity to create deeper connections with audience

Nine Months Later

By the end of January 2023, this client’s social media accounts were consistently building deeper connection and engagement with their audience and generating more website taps than ever. With top posts driving 90+ website taps per photo and 32k plays per Reel, our content has significantly increased their brand exposure and reach.

These numbers are important because a main goal of our work was to increase website traffic from social in order to increase sales. Through shifting our content strategy, we have engaged with more consumers and increased interest in brand product.

New Initiatives We’ve Led

  • We completely revamped this brand’s content strategy which resulted in higher engagement and reach with new forms of content, detailed on page 6
  • We integrated more on-brand video content that built relatability and generated over 744,000 plays with just 1-2 videos each week.

The Numbers – January 2023

  • Total of 57,637 followers across all platforms
  • Four relevant, active platforms
  • 4-5 curated, strategic posts each week
  • Our content strategy has transformed the brand’s relatability and content performance
  • 95% increase of Monthly Views on Pinterest
  • Consistent posting of video content 1-2x each week which has exponentially increased brand exposure

Ready to see the same results? Head here to explore how to work with us, or here to book a call with our CEO to discuss which offer would be right for you.

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