How Video Content Can Help You Grow Your Brand (Hint: It Definitely Will)

Over the past three years, video has become king in the social media world. But even though we all know how much it can benefit a brand, it can still be hard to jump on board when posting a photo is just so much quicker.

But we’re here to tell you that if you’re not on the video bandwagon yet (or you’re posting a video every once in awhile without any strategy behind it), now is the time to do so.

How do we know? Because while working with hundreds of clients throughout the past few years, we have seen firsthand the incredible results that video content has had for those clients.

If you need more concrete evidence than that -we’ve got you. Let’s explore just one of our client’s content strategy once we stepped in to help.

Before we came on board to work with this luxury plumbing fixture company, only one video had ever been posted to this brand’s Instagram account. This untapped potential was huge in building their marketing strategy.

Although this brand does not receive much video content from customers, we worked with them to capture showroom content that we edited and reformatted to work within the confines of Reels. We also built out many creative, in-house short-form videos that performed extremely well for the brand.

Video content alone skyrocketed their brand reach. Over the course of five months, we posted 2 Reels each week to their Instagram account and they have been played over 33,000 times organically on Instagram, and 133,000+ times as paid ads on Facebook.

This video content brings in new eyes to their account so that the client can expand their reach and continue to grow their brand awareness – and ultimately, their sales.

Ready to see the same results? Head here to explore our offers, or here to book a call with our CEO to discuss what offer would be right for you.

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