Ep. 28: Your Podcast Is Part Of Your Brand: A Framework to Starting and Maintaining Your Podcast

In the past decade, podcasts have completely changed the world of content creation. Your favorite actor has a podcast, your favorite company has a podcast, and odds are your marketing team has a podcast. But not all podcasts are created equal. Despite creating amazing content, many brands struggle to exceed their podcast’s goals. Failure to gain an audience can result in burnout and even ending the show that you worked so hard to build. 

In today’s episode, Emma rides solo as she discusses her own podcast journey, and delves deeper into why some podcasts flourish, while others flop.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • How Emma discovered the massive, free education that podcasts can provide to listeners
  • The real work that actually goes into producing a quality podcast
  • Why your current, amazing podcast isn’t performing the way you hoped
  • How you can boost your podcast performance, and who can help

And much, much, more!

How Emma discovered the massive, free, education that podcasts can provide to listeners

Emma’s podcast journey will resonate with others who have had the desire to start a podcast. Long commute + Podcast = A free and exciting opportunity to gain knowledge on a variety of  topics. Rather than wasting time on her four-hour commute to and from work, Emma discovered that by listening to podcasts, she was learning new lessons and skills that she could implement in her own career.

Although she didn’t know it at the time, along with learning professional skills, she was also internalizing the skills and framework that could go into starting her own podcast.

The real work that actually goes into producing a quality podcast

Today, podcasting can seem like the easiest content you can create. A podcast host just sits down, hits record, and talks. Anybody who has been a part of a podcast production knows that this is far from the truth.

Podcasting can be a great marketing tool, but it requires a significant amount of time and effort to do it well. The process of creating a podcast can range from difficult to overwhelming, depending on your goals. Even the most basic podcast will involve outlining an episode, recording, saving files, editing, scheduling episodes for publishing, and more. 

Why your current, amazing, podcast isn’t performing the way you hoped

The most heartbreaking moment for a creator is when they look over their outreach, compare it with their podcast goals, and they’re nowhere near what they were expecting. It can ruin the fun and excitement that goes into creating a podcast for yourself, or your company. You’re creating the show, you’re having great conversations, you’re posting on social media, but nothing seems to have paid off.

The core of this issue is that creators don’t have a team that knows how to market their specific show. They don’t know the social media platforms that their show should use to  gain the most traction, they don’t know that being a guest on other podcasts will create major, free, content, and most importantly, they don’t know how to help their show succeed. 

How you can boost your podcast performance, and who can help

The answer to boosting your podcast performance can’t be boiled down to one strategy, but many strategies all combined into one amazing, marketing plan. 

Carrying this burden yourself can be heavy. If you’re at the point that you need to maximize your podcast performance, then you’re listening to the right episode. 

With the creation of micro-content such as reels, static imagery, quotes, and additional content to promote the podcast, you can maximize your show’s content. With the right team and advice, you can keep the parts you enjoy about podcasting while delegating the workload, keeping stress levels low. 

If you’re looking for a podcast team for your company, Ninety Five Media has added a new podcast management service to their offers, which is designed to help podcasters increase their listenership. We approach podcast management with a white-glove, content-first mindset and provide dynamic and interesting clips from every episode. Interested podcasters can book a call with Ninety Five Media to learn more about our white glove podcast management services.

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