Ep. 30: Content To Keywords: The Toolbox to Start Understanding SEO and YouTube with Elise Michelle

Content creation rules the world of marketing. Some companies know how to use it to their advantage, while others are still struggling to reach their goals. Brands  are trying to fit square pegs into round holes, attempting to use any piece of content on all  social platforms, whether it’s long-form content in short-form spaces or trying to use YouTube in the same fashion as Instagram. The failing isn’t in effort, but in the understanding of the platforms and strategies that marketing teams may be implementing.

In today’s episode, we are joined by expert YouTube strategist, and entrepreneur educator, Elise Michelle. With a mission of empowering women to use Youtube to reach the people they want to help, Elise has been guiding women entrepreneurs for over 7 years and has worked in all industries, from ecommerce to coaching and everything in between. From her teachings, her clients learn that by investing just 15 minutes a day in video strategies, they can get more traffic to their websites and make more sales.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • The ‘long-form vs. short-form’ content debate for marketing
  • Understanding YouTube as a search engine, and how to utilize SEO keywords
  • Diversifying your video strategies to match the content you’re creating
  • How you set up your YouTube channel may be just as important as your content 
  • The evergreen side of YouTube and how to use low-ticket offers for revenue generation 

And much, much more!

The ‘long-form vs. short-form’ content debate for marketing

Is long-form content dead or dying? Is short-form the only way for marketers to go?  Which form of content should you use?

The answer just happens to be… both!

Elise believes that YouTube is a great platform for everyone, as every piece of content can serve for years to come, compared to other social media platforms. However, she emphasizes the importance of having a strategy behind YouTube and being consistent in posting content. She recommends posting five days a week, with the intention of actually posting at least three days a week, with shorter form content filling in the gaps. Elise also suggests creating vertical short-form content on Instagram Reels or TikTok and reposting it on YouTube Shorts, as well as creating horizontal shorter-form content that targets specific frequently asked questions. Long-form content can be less frequent, depending on the type of content being created.

Understanding YouTube as a search engine, and how to utilize SEO keywords

In a world of content strategy, it can be easy to lump YouTube into the general “social media” circle when publishing. However, it’s critical that you take into account that YouTube is a search engine unlike TikTok or Instagram. SEO and keyword optimization are crucial for YouTube, since it helps users find the content they are searching for. 

Elise suggests using descriptive titles and incorporating frequently asked questions in videos to improve searchability. The platform offers greater control over the audience reached, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to target a particular group of people.

Diversifying your video strategies to match the content you’re creating

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your video content. Rather than creating non-stop short-form FAQ style videos or long-form YouTube content, mix it up throughout your posting! Use a short, one-minute tutorial on Monday, a longer testimonial on Wednesday, and a fun medium-length video about your product on Friday.

The evergreen side of YouTube and low-ticket offers for revenue generation

Companies wonder all of the time “When does this YouTube thing start paying off?”

Well, it might not pay off if you aren’t strategizing your content.

Elise recommends the benefits of creating low-cost offers and promoting them in YouTube videos. By doing so, viewers may continue to purchase the offer for years to come, generating revenue long after the video was originally posted. By creating this relationship with your customers by providing a low-cost offer, buyers may be more likely to purchase additional products or services in the future.

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