Ep. 32: The Guest Effect: How & Why Guesting on Other Podcasts Will Grow Your Show

For podcast hosts, the day-to-day production of creating your amazing show can lead to burn out, recycled ideas, and can take the fun out of content creation. To make matters worse, if your audience is stagnant and you’re not seeing the benefits you had anticipated, you may be tempted to abandon your podcast altogether. 

Our favorite underrated remedy for podcast burnout, creative blocks, and even audience growth is actually jumping outside of your show and stepping into another role; in other words,  switching your podcast host hat out  for a podcast guest one! 

In today’s episode, Emma is riding solo to highlight how being a podcast guest can help you grow your own audience, make new connections, and spark genius ideas.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Why frequenting as a guest on other podcasts can help you grow your own
  • Six massive benefits from appearing on other podcasts
  • Where to start your podcast guest appearance  strategy
  • Crafting a podcast guest pitch for best results

And much, much, more!

Why frequenting as a guest on other podcasts can help you grow your own 

If you love the interview aspect of having a podcast, but get tired of the long production process that comes with having your own show, you can get everything you enjoy about a podcast without the hassle by being a guest on other shows. Seriously!  

But along with the podcasting joys comes seemingly hidden benefits to grow your show simultaneously; including having a wider audience reach and being able to share your recently published book, YouTube course, or business venture!

Six massive benefits from appearing on other podcasts

Specifically, there are six massive benefits of appearing on other podcasts that will automatically give you tools to add to your own podcast strategy. 

  • Free marketing or exposure
  • An increased leadpool
  • Creating more touchpoints for potential listeners 
  • Attaining new, free marketing assets 
  • Learning new content ideas from your hosts interview
  • Creating new relationships and connections

At the end of the day, you never know where a new connection will take you. It might just be your next client or new best collaborator! 

Where to start with your podcast guest strategy

There may not be a right or wrong way to go about becoming a guest on a podcast, but you can definitely make it easier on yourself by following Emma’s guest tips!

Rather than shooting your shot with your favorite, mainstream podcast, start with new, smaller podcasts so you can gain experience and a portfolio of guesting. This will snowball into making a stronger pitch when you want to get added to those bigger shows. 

Crafting a podcast guest pitch for best results

A good podcast host will always be thinking about their audience. They will ask “How will this person bring value to my listeners?” The goal of a great pitch is to answer that question for the host before they even ask it. 

When creating your pitch, avoid the temptation to just reach out haphazardly. Instead, highlight your value to the host by thinking ahead to what they might need to research your guest candidacy. 

Little things like a clear introduction, linking your social media channels, and adding examples of other podcasts you’ve been a guest on can really impress the show that you’re pitching yourself to.  

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