Social Media Marketing Updates – May 2023

Looking to stay up to date on all the rapid changes happening in the social media marketing world? We give you the updates so you don’t have to go searching for them!

This past month has been all about AI. Now that Chat GPT has become mainstream, many companies are scrambling to get on board, and AI software has emerged in every area of the marketing world – read on to find out how to incorporate them into your day to day tasks!

AI for meetings? Count us in! We are so excited about MeetGeek. From automatic recordings to transcribing and summarizing key takeaways, you no longer have to think about whether it would be worthwhile to hire an assistant – MeetGeek will do it for you!

Coming from everyone’s fave graphic design platform, Canva is pulling in the lead for photo editing AI. A great way to use it? To spice up any photo of you and turn it into a professional headshot! Canva makes it easy with Magic Edit, and the possibilities are endless!

Beautiful.AI is changing the game when it comes to presentations. Done are the days spending more time on the design of your presentation than the actual material. This AI gives you templates based on your needs, and adapts as you add content to turn your slides into something that’s visually appealing without you having to even think about it.

Bonus update! While AI has been on everyone’s mind, those old school hashtags we’ve been using for years have been updated a bit behind the scenes. While Instagram has long advised to use them sparingly, Later published an article recently with their findings after analyzing over 18 million feed posts – and found that bumping that number up to around 20 hashtags per post received the highest average reach rate. Get all the deets on their findings here.

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