Three Things Every Successful Podcast Has in Common

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, you’ve likely looked at the number of podcasts that are only active for a season or two before their founder gives them up.

Podcast success is truly linked to longevity – if you can’t get past those early seasons when you’re numbers are low and you’re unsure if anyone really cares, then you’ll likely give up before you can see the long term benefits.

But more than simply perseverance, there’s a few aspects of successful podcasts that they all have in common. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Planning + Prepping

It’s so important to not get caught in the cycle of recording + editing your episode the day before it’s scheduled to drop. Create a schedule for yourself, outline your episodes, who your guests will be, all of your interview questions, and BATCH record your episodes as much as possible. You’ll take the weight of those tasks off your shoulders if you do, and ensure you can make it through your current season and start planning for the next one.

2. Audio Quality

The audio quality of your podcast is crucial for creating a positive listener experience. Invest in a good microphone + recording software as step #1. Poor audio quality can lead to listener drop-off and make it difficult to attract new listeners.

3. Promote

Strategically marketing your show with the right assets is essential for building your audience + increasing downloads. Post to all social media platforms about every new episode + collaborate with other Podcasters in your niche for wider reach.

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