Why Pinterest is the #1 Website Driver for Our Clients

We love to talk about our clients’ results on Pinterest, because they truly are incredible.

Take, for example, this client who doesn’t sell direct to consumers, but received 5.5 *million* monthly views on Pinterest after we started working with them.

If you’re looking at that number and thinking how the heck did they get so many views?? You’re not alone.

Pinterest is overlooked by many when it comes to social media marketing. We all tend to favor trendy Tik Tok or the ever-present Instagram for pumping out content.

But the reality is, while Pinterest feels obscure today compared to other platforms, it coverts. It isn’t just a platform to source dinner recipes + outfit inspo (or plan your circa 2004-inspired wedding, of which there are way too many inspo pics)

Pinterest has become a formidable search engine – and your dream clients are using it as such.

For the B2B brands who have considered using Pinterest for marketing, many still believe that it isn’t a viable platform for them based on their audience or product/service.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth – as showcased by our client’s numbers above. This client worked with us for 1.5 years, bumping up their monthly views to 5.5 million – a 220% increase from Day 1.

In order to achieve this for our client, we focused on the following:

1. Varied Content

We are not just pinning photos. We repurpose video content we create for other platforms onto Pinterest and create Idea Pins for their page (this is a newer feature and one you shouldn’t sleep on).

2. Strategic CTAs

Since they are not B2C, consumers need to go through a process to purchase. This obstacle allowed us to get creative with CTAs that drive true traffic.

3. Paid Ads

With a small budget, we have created ads that have generated over 1 million impressions (1,600% growth) and 160+ clicks per ad on average.

The reality is, Pinterest has the ability to completely transform your business. If you want to learn more about how we can help you get the same results, learn more about how to work with us here.

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