Ep. 37: From Likes to Leads: How to Convert Your Social Media Followers

Entrepreneurs who manage their own social media marketing often tell us how burnt out they are from constant content creation. If you’ve ever felt this way too, you’re likely scraping the bottom of the content barrel to find new ways to populate your feed week after week. Maybe you’re even getting good engagement on the content you’re putting out, but struggle to translate that into paying customers (always the end goal!).

There’s no secret formula, and sales don’t just fall from the sky. 

But in this episode, Emma offers actionable steps to help you begin turning your “likes” into “leads” faster than ever. There are simple fixes you can make, starting today, that will help you increase  your conversions. 

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Why your strategy hasn’t been working + how to fix it
  • The burnout felt by entrepreneurs managing their own social media
  • The benefits of building relationships in your DMs
  • 3 Ways to increase engagement and conversions

Talk about your products and/or services

Historically, product brands generally put their products front-and-center in their marketing efforts. On the flip side, service providers are typically hesitant to talk about their services because they feel so personal to who they are. It can also feel repetitive to talk about the same service over and over again. In this episode, Emma encourages you to not let this get to your head or in the way of talking about what it is you have to offer the world. You never know how many clients you may be missing out on because you decided to not share your talents every day. Your consumer likely needs to hear about your offer more than you think. 

Build Relationships in the DMs

Comments are great, but follow up with those people and create personal connections with them in the DMs (especially on Instagram!). This private conversation gives them a chance to open up to you, and for you to learn more about your potential customers. There is an incredible amount of money waiting for you in the DMs!

As you develop this strategy, remember to keep a tracking tool or spreadsheet, so that you can follow up with past leads, and refer back to old conversations that may have been buried. Focus on building relationships first, and then leading them to the sale second. 

Get off of Social Media

At a certain point, you’ll need to get off of the social media platforms and have a means of communicating with your leads independently. Remember – you don’t own the audience you’ve built online. Build out a beautifully branded Linktr.ee, or landing page on your website, to serve as a digital business card – and encourage your leads to hop off of social media so you can connect with them further elsewhere. Ideally, you get them on your email list as well (a list you DO own) and are able to further communicate with them there. 

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