The Risks of *Not* Hiring a Social Media Manager

You’re scared of hiring a social media manager – we get it.

“I can’t afford to hire a Social Media Manager yet” is the number one excuse I hear from brands who still have their summer interns managing their Instagram accounts.

But what if, instead of the money, you focused on the RISK you’re facing by not having an expert on your team?

These are the top risks that business owners take by continuing to not invest in their marketing – but they’re not the only ones:

Missed Opportunities

Social media presents an array of opportunities to reach your target audience, engage with them, and promote your brand on a daily basis. Without a dedicated social media manager who can do these tasks effectively, your business may miss out on these opportunities.

Inconsistent Brand Messaging

Without a social media manager, it can be challenging to ensure that your brand messaging remains consistent across all online platforms. Inconsistency can lead to confusion amongst your audience, potentially damaging your brand’s reputation and authority in its space.

Negative Feedback Management

While social media offers a platform to engage with your customers and receive feedback, it can also be a forum for negative comments + reviews. A social media manager will monitor your accounts and respond promptly to negative feedback, helping to mitigate any long term damage to your brand’s reputation.

Decreased Customer Engagement

Social media offers a unique opportunity to engage with your customers and build relationships with them, post-purchase. However, without a dedicated social media manager, you may struggle to keep up with customer inquiries + respond to messages in a timely manner, leading to decreased engagement.

Let’s be honest – you can’t afford to NOT have a Social Media Manager on your team.

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