38. How AI Will Impact Digital Marketing

Like it or not, the future will be filled with AI. It’s a subject full of speculation, and that provokes all different kinds of opinions and reactions from the public, and industries impacted by the growing prevalence of AI.

Digital Marketing will surely be impacted by AI’s growth and integration into society at large. While some of you may have fear surrounding the topic of AI, today we’re diving into how AI can actually make our lives easier as marketers.

Emma shares her perspective on this ever evolving topic, with full acknowledgement that there may well be future episodes returning to the subject as it continues to evolve.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • How AI will impact the Digital Marketing industry.
  • Is AI scary?
  • How AI can make our lives easier.

How AI will impact the Digital Marketing Industry.

AI continues to effect changes on every industry that it touches, which is increasingly becoming all of them. Digital Marketing is no exception. 

AI tools can provide creative ideas and solutions for marketers. In fact, in preparation for this episode, Emma asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create show notes and talking points. What she got back was far from perfectly coherent podcast notes, but it was a good jumping off point to get the ball rolling. In this episode, she touches on the variety of other impacts and capabilities AI has right now, and how that may affect the future of this industry – both for good, and the unknown. 

The Human Touch

One of the major reasons for the resistance that we see to the adoption of AI in society is that it will be a threat to jobs. Not just for the types of jobs most people would rather not have, but for more specialized jobs as well. A threat to your job and livelihood can always feel intimidating. 

While there may be some truth to that concern, there is nuance to the conversation. When AI fails, humans step in. Like Emma fixing the ChatGPT show notes, there will still likely be a need for human intervention with AI for the foreseeable future. Have you considered that AI might not take your job, but that it might just make it easier?

Is AI Scary?

Will the machines gain consciousness and sentience and take over the whole human race? Well, real life isn’t a sci-fi movie.

The reality is, you’ve probably been dealing with forms of AI for years. How often do you talk to Alexa? That’s AI. Do you use spell check? That’s AI too. In fact, remember the little paper clip guy who used to help you with your grammar on the desktop computer in 2002? That was AI too. 

By reframing the growth of AI as exciting, you are able to harness the excitement of these new advancements to your advantage. Don’t be afraid and refuse to adapt. Jump on board and give these new tools a try!

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