40. Handling Negative Feedback + Turning It Into A Positive

If you run a business and engage with your customers on social media, you will inevitably run into negative feedback. What do you do when you get negative comments? 

Whether the customer is politely stating discontent or making rude and nasty comments, it’s incumbent on you as the representative of your company to address them. If you don’t, there could be consequences. 

But instead of dreading negative comments, try to see them as an opportunity to serve your customers better! Join Emma as she shares her 6-step process for handling negative criticism in the online space.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Handling negative comments: Public vs Private
  • Don’t be caught off guard – develop strategies for mitigation
  • Negative feedback gives opportunity for growth

Handling negative comments: Public vs Private

We’ve all received one at one time or another! Negative online reviews can really sting, especially when you pour your heart and soul into your company. Try not to take it personally. Just take it one step at a time. 

Was it posted publicly in a comment thread or sent to you privately in a DM? That could change your calculation for how best to proceed. You’ll always want to steer the conversation back to the privacy of a DM chat. But don’t ignore the public comment. Address it so that other potential customers can see that you take customer satisfaction seriously. It’s good optics for your brand and allows this customer to feel seen.

Don’t be caught off guard – develop strategies for mitigation

Imagine you have a bad comment arise on a Friday afternoon or when decision makers in your organization are unavailable. If you do not have pre-planned procedures in place, it could lead to that post remaining unaddressed in your feed for a longer time than is comfortable. 

You’ll need someone monitoring your feed and platforms who knows what to do in the case that a negative comment comes through. Once you’re helping the customer, don’t just give them vague instructions or pass them onto the next person, include in your procedures a strategy for guiding them through the entire customer satisfaction process. Emma walks you through her exact process for this.

Negative Feedback gives opportunity for growth

In every failure, there is opportunity for growth. An important factor in any good set of criticism mitigation strategies is the ability for introspection. 

Your critics, while they may hurt your feelings, may also have some worthy advice. Learn from them about common misconceptions or frequent frustrations that your customers express after working with you. 

Incorporate those insights into your marketing strategy and create social content, which could preemptively address future customers’ concerns.

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