4 Places to Find Your Next Month Of Content Ideas

In this episode, Emma discusses the challenges of coming up with content ideas to market your business. She shares her top four places to find a month’s worth of content ideas in just one day, making it easier for brands to create powerful posts that will increase sales. Emma emphasizes the importance of simplifying the content ideation process and provides insights from her experience at Ninety Five Media. Tune in to learn how to make content creation easier and more effective.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Maximizing Social Media Comments for Content Inspiration
  • How to Use Conversations for Content Creation
  • Solving the Content Ideation Dilemma through Client Feedback

Maximizing Social Media Comments for Content Inspiration

While content creation itself may not be difficult, the ideation process can often leave you feeling stuck and unable to share powerful posts that could boost sales. Emma believes in making things easier and more efficient, and she shares her top four places to find a month’s worth of content ideas in just one day.

The first source of content ideas is social media comments. Comments are a goldmine of potential content ideas that many people overlook. Every question, compliment, or relatable comment can be used as a basis for new posts. Leverage social media comments as a valuable resource for content ideation. By actively listening to and engaging with your audience, brands can tap into a wealth of ideas that will help them create compelling and relevant content.

How to Use Conversations for Content Creation

DMs often provide valuable insights into the specific challenges and struggles of individuals, which can be used to create content that addresses these issues. By referencing what has been learned from these conversations, brands can create validating content that speaks directly to the common experiences of their target audience. These conversations can also inform improvements in sales copy and messaging, as brands gain a deeper understanding of their audience’s language and pain points.

Businesses that engage in sales calls can leverage those conversations to learn from objections and concerns expressed by potential customers. By reframing objections as opportunities to address additional concerns, brands can gather valuable insights that can inform content creation. Understanding the objections and concerns of potential customers allows brands to create content that directly addresses these issues and provides solutions.

Solving the Content Ideation Dilemma through Client Feedback 

Feedback from current clients can be used as a source of content ideas as well. Emma suggests that brands should listen to their clients’ feedback and use it to improve their services and customer experience. Positive feedback can be highlighted in content to showcase the brand’s unique selling points and stand out from the competition. On the other hand, if a client mentions something they wish was different, the brand can make the necessary changes and use this improvement as a selling point in their content. 

By actively listening to client feedback and incorporating it into content creation, brands can enhance their offerings and attract more clients who are looking for an enhanced experience. These insights can then be used to create compelling and relevant content that resonates with the target audience and drives engagement and conversions. 

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