Why Blogging Is More Important Than Ever with Elizabeth Ruth

In this episode, Elizabeth Ruth, the owner and head writer of ER Marketing Services, joins Emma to discuss the importance of blogging in today’s marketing landscape. Despite some businesses feeling that blogging is outdated, Elizabeth and Emma agree that it is still a valuable tool for increasing online brand presence and driving new revenue. They highlight the benefits of blogging, emphasizing its ability to provide valuable content, establish thought leadership, and improve SEO. Tune in to learn more about the power of blogging in today’s digital age.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Blogging and its relevance today
  • How repurposing content is critical
  • The rise of user-generated content

Blogging and its relevance today

Blogging has been around for about 15 years and some businesses and business owners feel that it’s outdated. Our guest Elizabeth disagrees and believes that blogging is still a necessary form of marketing for businesses looking to generate new revenue and increase their online brand presence. Blogging serves as a resource and helps with searchability. 

Blogging is beneficial for any type of business but Elizabeth specifically highlights its significance for product brands. Blogs create more landing pages to send traffic to, especially for Pinterest marketing, where more resources are needed to drive traffic back to the website. Keeping visitors on your website longer, positively impacts Google rankings which draws more traffic to your site. 

How repurposing content is critical

Blogging and repurposing content are crucial elements in a brand’s marketing strategy. Repurposing blog content and utilizing it in various ways can drive traffic and engagement. Blog posts are not just standalone pieces of content but can be split into multiple parts and repurposed across different platforms. Hyperlinking blog posts in emails to make them more concise can encourage people to click back to the blog. This approach not only increases the reach of the content but also ensures that the blog receives traffic and engagement. Embedding videos into blog posts can also enhance the user experience and make the content more engaging and accessible.

Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of blogging and repurposing content in a brand’s marketing strategy. Content creators and brand owners should see blogging as a valuable tool rather than an additional task. By repurposing blog content, utilizing AI smartly, incorporating video content, and exploring monetization opportunities, brands can effectively reach their target audience, drive traffic, and achieve their marketing goals.

The rise of user-generated content

In today’s digital age, influencers have become a powerful force in the world of marketing and product discovery. With their large followings and trusted opinions, influencers have the ability to curate product recommendations and influence consumer purchasing decisions. Influencers have taken the pressure off of product discovery for consumers. Instead of relying on their own research and intuition, consumers now look to influencers to tell them what they need and what they should buy. 

Blogging was the jumping off point for many influencers in the past, but the landscape has significantly changed over the years. There are now numerous types of content available, and the future of the influencer space is constantly evolving. Elizabeth mentions the rise of user-generated content (UGC) creators and the potential for growth in that space. Blogging is still a relevant and effective tool for content creators and brands. It allows for in-depth content creation, provides opportunities for repurposing across various platforms, and helps drive traffic to a creator’s space. 

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